Web Site - wroxton.org.uk Editor- editorwroxton@gmail.com Wroxton Community Whats App Site Sarah Colbert, Rose Cottage, Main Street, Wroxton 01295 738453 The Wroxton site is just being established by Sarah. If you feel you would like to join, please contact Sarah Colbert at sarah.colbert@oracle.com or on 01295 738453 / 07880 785425. Balscote Community Whats App Site simon_cox74@hotmail.com These Whats App site have been established to enable parishioners to ask for help or offer help especially during the current pandemic. The Balscote site has been established for some time and has proved highly beneficial to the village, Balscote Community e mail site. 01295 730616 terry_j_allen@yahoo.co.uk This is a mass communication to the whole village where individuals have elected to receive items of interest in and around the village/parish.
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