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Have You Heard Of Wroxton Poor’s Land Charity? On 17th May 1805 (5 months before the Battle of Trafalgar) an Enclosure Award was set up to provide just over 18 acres of arable farmland to be the principal investment designed to generate income for what became known as Wroxton Poor’s Land Charity. That same patch of land continues in the same vein today as it did nearly 220 years ago. The Charity’s primary source of income is the agreed rent received from the current incumbent tenant farmer working on the 18 acres of farmland. The Charity’s purpose is to relieve, either generally or individually, residents of Wroxton or Balscote, who are in conditions of need, hardship, or distress. The remit of assistance available is quite wide and varied; however, with only a couple of explicit exceptions the charity exists to offer support for those who might need it. For example, in recent years the charity has made donations to individuals to help with the payment of high winter fuel bills; Wroxton and Balscote Village Halls were given a donation towards additional cost of heating expenses whilst open as a ‘Warm Hub’ centre, and a resident was offered some emergency financial relief because of their home being flooded. Do you feel you might qualify for some financial assistance now, or, more importantly, do you know of anybody who could do with a bit of help but cannot bring themselves to ask for fear of being judged on the issue? If so, please make initial contact with the Charity’s Chairman: David Marsh Abbey Farm Cottage Shepherds Walk Wroxton 01295 738415