Bus Services
For information on Cherwell Dial a Ride, see below. Bus Timetable Route 6 and 7 For further information ring 01564 797000 For the timetable Click Here Times will change from the 25th October Click Here
BANBURY & DISTRICT DIAL-A-RIDE With all the uncertainty regarding the provision of an accessible transport service to the rural areas around Banbury, the Banbury & District Dial-a-Ride is pleased to announce they have secured funding to operate a daily service in the Banbury area. The service operates from 9am to 5 pm and bookings can be made 24 hours before the journey is required. Registration is completely free and a registration form must be completed before using the service. The service is for people with mobility problems whether age related, disability, wheelchair user or those who find if difficult to use conventional public transport.  It is also available to those who have little or no bus service to the village. If you are aware of anyone in the community that would benefit from the service, please contact Kevyne Powell (Coordinator) on 07798 922712
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